Defining Anime – the Tournament Arc Genre

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The Tournament Arc genre is more or less an offshoot of the martial arts genre in that it takes the concepts of competition and the garnering of strength that are the focal points of the fighting animes and applies them to any number of different ideas. The basic thought is that two individuals will train and grow ‘stronger’ over time and then face off to see who is the best. When it’s over they’ll do it all over again. The trials and tribulations are what make the show and in between fights (which are usually about 75% of the show) small quests to become even stronger ensue. These shows tend to have huge casts of characters to keep the fights and matchups fresh, and allow the writers to shift around allegiances at will. They also make for a broadcaster’s dream as the shows themselves can be dragged out for an entire season with just one tournament sequence, slowly building to climax each episode. These shows are the most successful of any anime because of that very reason. They hook and don’t let go.

Hikaru no Go – It’s about a boy who plays Go, the Japanese game of strategy and design, similar to chess but infinitely more complicated. It’s actually done incredibly well though and goes to show that in this format even a board game can be made to be interesting. The show was immensely popular in Japan were Go is a big sport and was eventually released even in American (where very few know what Go is)


Going Digital Paperless in an Analog Convention Leads to Angry Attendees

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Having existed for over 10 years, the largest anime convention in Northern California known as Fanime (short for FanimeCon) should know how to handle itself logistically. And for the most part it does. They host themselves in a large venue in the San Jose Convention Center that can accommodate tens of thousands of attendees. It books guests fans actually want to see. The Dealers Room and Artists Alley is full of vendors selling their wares. Stage Zero is a central hub of the convention where fans can relax and watch some live entertainment provided by staff or fellow fans. And the convention security cooperates with local law enforcement to prevent attendees from wielding dangerous weapons or impersonating law enforcement through fictitious costumes easily mistaken for the real badges.

But the 2011 Fanime had a serious logistic nightmare for both staff and attendee alike: Lack of printed schedules and maps.


Pokemon Go – A New Addiction In Cartoon Gaming


When someone talked about Pokemon, they used to refer to the trading cards or the television show. Now, everyone is trying to catch them all on their smartphones. They are doing so with the new app created by Niantic, called Pokemon Go. Pokemon have been discovered on planet Earth. It is a player’s duty to step outside and catch Pokemon in their area so they can train and use them for battle. The game uses GPS and the map that appears on the phone screen is of the player’s surrounding area. Blue dots on the screen are Pokespots, which are hot spots where the person’s customized avatar can find specialty items that help catch, heal, train, and battle your virtual creatures. When your smartphone vibrates, it is letting the player know that a Pokemon is in approximately a 50ft radius from the person. When the creature pops up on the screen, the phone’s camera turns on to show you the Pokemon as if it was actually in front of the player in real time.

Some pro’s and con’s in every game is a common thing, but in this Pokemon Go game is high, let’s check out few.

Bringing back 90’s kids childhoods, It gets people off their couches and makes them more active, people are socializing more with others, friendly competition between teams, currently over 7.5 million downloads of the app, good reviews on the app store, free to play compared to buying trading cards. These are few pros of Pokemon Go game.

People are willing to risk their safety to catch rare Pokemon, valuable time is wasted and people are procrastinating their daily duties, people aren’t focused on the task at hand, there have been increased public disturbances. People now walk into places of business just to catch Pokemon and then leave. These are few cons that making a bad impact on society by playing Pokemon Go.